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Ramblin Sams at Christmas Time

Greetings from the Ramblin Sams. The year 2011 is winding down and 2012 looms in the near future. In November we camped at the Rocker D RV Park in Mineral Wells. The Wilkinson's came in on Tuesday. Mineral Wells is their home town and they came early for almost a full week of taking it easy. The Oyler's showed up on Wednesday and others arrived on Thursday. All together we had eight rigs on the ground and a couple of drive ins. Rocker D treated us well. It is a nice place, well kept and our wagon master has booked it for November of 2012.

The December Campout will be at the Texin's RV Park located on Hwy 175 about midway between Estace and Athens on the North side of the highway. It is a fairly new park, well kept and has modern meeting rooms. Not to mention at least two beautiful bass lakes. (I think I will throw in a couple of fishing poles and a few lures, just in case). It will be our Christmas Party campout. Tradition has it that we not exchange gifts, but rather bring a suitable gift for a boy and girl to be donated to a charatible orginization in the DFW area.

If you are interested in the RV lifestyle and would like to join a chapter we invite you to
come see us. Or, if you have a little spare time on your hands and would like to visit with us, come on anyway. Just let us know and we will be looking for you. you can reply by email to rc.wilkinson@verizon.net.